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Clappervue automates, innovates and professionalizes your recruitment process. Our platform facilitates you in the best possible way. From a qualitative sourcing - via the (video) selection of applicants - to the hiring of new employees.

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Video Recruitment

Video recruitment is the perfect way to quickly find the best candidate.

Video recruitment is the perfect way to quickly find the best candidate. Clappervue – the only recruitment software with integrated interactive video solutions – offers standard video applications and interviews. This will allow you to see more applicants in less time. With video recruitment, you create greater predictive value, have a more targeted selection and find the right candidate faster. But it is also a good solution for applicants. They get the chance to present themselves in a more personal manner, while saving on (travel) time considerably.

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Why Clappervue?

  • Video replaces letter

    The letter supports the CV. A clever applicant writes his motivation aimed at the position he is applying for. Words on paper do not show the applicant directly. Showing the applicant’s motivation and unique sales arguments is better done in a video. Link the CV to a video from now on, and receive better predictive value on how someone matches your company, the position, and which results you can expect.

  • Interviews not bound by time

    The CV, combined with a video pitch, gives you a lot of information for the first impression. Would you then like more information about an applicant without immediately having to plan a live interview? Then invite them for an interview not bound by time. Completely automated. Both companies and applicants determine their own moment in time when they take part in the interview. Interviews cannot get more efficient than that! Use standard questions from the library or create your own questions. Determine how applicants answer. Multiple choice. Free text input. Or answer by video. Ideal replacement for interviews over the phone.

  • Expertly manage applicants

    Rejecting applicants is a necessary evil. Don’t make it harder than necessary. Stop processing in inboxes or Excel sheets. Archive applicants, reject them, lead them to an interview invitation, make a proposition or hire them. Manage an applicant individually or turn it into a group action, where several applicants are given a new status in the selection process simultaneously. For every change of status or process step, you can choose to send an e-mail notification immediately, later, or not at all.

  • Intuitive impression is decisive

    It happens in just those first few seconds, when our brain (correctly) judges the other. The phenomenon of your brain’s assessment in the first few seconds is known in neurology and psychology as “Thin-slicing”. The good news is that everyone comes equipped with this handy gadget.

  • Uniformity and professionalism in the selection process

    What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Applicants are asked the same questions in an automated interview. This ensures selection is done uniformly. Variables do not influence the uniformity and professionalism of the selection method.

  • Labour market communication

    Communication with the labour market is immediately professionalised. After creating the first vacancy, a “working at” page and accompanying reaction form for applicants is created that can be equipped with a logo, company line and spot colour. After this, you link them to your own website plug & play, share them on social media or start a targeted recruitment campaign to bring the vacancy to the attention of the right applicants.

  • Earn the best new employee

    Give yourself the best. Discover more applicants in less time. If you see more applicants, the logical result is an increased chance of finding the one right employee. Clappervue’s video application in the selection process ensures you see 13% better suitable applicants and 17% less suitable applicants. This immediately results in a higher quality of new employees. Research also shows that newly hired employees – who have gone through video application – stay with their employers for longer. The match is visibly better.


The team behind Clappervue

  • Bjorn Ghitti

    Bjorn Ghitti

  • Jeroen van der Molen

    Jeroen van der Molen

    Chief Software
  • Laura Messina

    Laura Messina

    Office management & Finance
  • Daan Möhlmann

    Daan Möhlmann

    Back-end development & Management
  • Yoshy Boeklagen

    Yoshy Boeklagen

    Design & Front-end development
  • Caro Swelsen

    Caro Swelsen

    Sales & Marketing

Seeing is believing

Clappervue can always be used for free.
With us, a subscription is not a contract. The subscription can easily be cancelled. Scaling up or down intermediately is not an issue either. This way, you’ll know for sure that you get exactly what you need. 

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Clappervue changes the way businesses find and hire applicants. Our customer base is growing daily and creates the bedrock for our company that is growing into the best SaaS recruitment software system in the world. With our offices in Eindhoven and Arnhem, we make it our mission to constantly positively double the numbers.

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