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Clappervue is the only recruitment software with standard integrated interactive video solutions.

Video advances the contact with your applicants and makes you only hire the best employees. See all applicants and experience 30% more efficiency of the selection of the candidates. 

This is Clappervue











Introduce yourself

Practice shows you do not have unlimited time to interview and meet many of your applicants. By using Clappervue, however, you do create this possibility. Applicants can introduce themselves through a video pitch. This creates a clearer image of the person behind the CV. The advantages are: more applicants in less time, creating larger predictive value, more targeted selection and faster discovery of the right candidate. This is also pleasant for applicants, because they get the chance to better present themselves and save on (travel) time if they are not eligible after all. 

The next step

After the initial selection, more background information on the candidate is often desirable. This can be requested using an automated interview in Clappervue. Ask open and closed questions – possibly modelled on example questions – and have candidates answer in writing or on video. Refine your selection, before inviting candidates for an interview at your location. This is ideal for businesses that have (standard) questions to determine whether or not someone is suitable for a position and are now perhaps asking these questions over the phone. 

More efficient recruitment

You are looking for the best candidate for a vacancy. But that often goes hand in hand with a large group of less suitable candidates. They also deserve your attention and have to be treated respectfully. With Clappervue, that does not take a lot of time and you are not at risk of forgetting to inform an applicant. 

How Clappervue works

After entering in a vacancy, you choose how you wish the applicant to react. With or without video pitch and an exploratory questionnaire. You then place the vacancy on your own website and any other application platform you like using. All applicants are systematically received. You will have a handy overview that shows you – per applicant – the CV, possible pitch, a comments field and all other relevant information for a fast and professional assessment. Now you can directly set a status or carry out actions or make selections that your colleagues can view. With a single press of a button, you invite people for an automated interview, live conversation, share them with others for assessment or reject them. And you can conveniently select the candidate who will make a difference in your organisation. 

Plug and play

You register your business and activate your account. You can also immediately create accounts for all colleagues involved. Upload your logo, maybe adjust colour scheme and texts, enter address information and you are good to go. 

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