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Video recruitment is the perfect way to quickly find the best candidate. Clappervue – the only recruitment software with integrated interactive video solutions – offers standard video applications and interviews. This will allow you to see more applicants in less time. With video recruitment, you create greater predictive value, have a more targeted selection and find the right candidate faster. But it is also a good solution for applicants. They get the chance to present themselves in a more personal manner, while saving on (travel) time considerably. 

Video Pitch Video Interview

Video Pitch

After you have put out your vacancy, applicants can introduce themselves to you in a video pitch. This is a short video where the candidate presents him/herself and gives you a first impression of who he or she is. You immediately see the person behind the CV.

Try it for yourself. Experience what you have an applicant do. Pitch yourself and try it as often as you like. 

Video Interview

When you have made an initial selection, you often still have a lot of questions for your candidates. Clappervue makes it possible to ask those questions, without having all the candidates visit. It is also not necessary to call them one by one. You enter in your questions or choose questions from the Clappervue library. Afterwards, all your candidates answer you in a video. Because you choose the maximum time of the video, you can assess applicants very quickly and efficiently. 

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